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Mailer Cards

Mailer Cards are for getting printed magnets into the hands of the householder. Usually magnets must be attached to a card to be processed by Aussie Post or distribution centres. It's a good place to put all that extra infomation that doesn't fit on the magnets. We use 160gsm stock and our magnets are adhered with peelable hot melt glue.

Use standard A6 or DL cards so that they can be posted or delivered by Australia Post. These sizes also save money because they are cheaper to produce than unusual sizes and shapes. A6 size 99mm x 140mm  DL size 95mm x 195mm

Clever Fridge Magnets never uses double sided tape. We don't use it because it sometimes marks the back of the magnet and stays sticky. When this happens customers will not keep it, they won't take the chance of the magnet staining the fridge. For this reason we only use peelable hot melt glue. The cards are bundled into 25's ready to be distributed to the customers.     

Clever Tip  Make sure you put contact details on the card even though they are on the magnet. If they get separated the customers can't call without a phone number.

Think about the information that you want on the card. Because the magnet is attached to the card you need to design the card around the magnet. You need to include the business name and contact number.

What we need from you!

For a quote we need the quantity of the cards and if they are black and white or coloured. Black and white is the cheaper option. Contact us on (02) 9838 7200 or email

Once you have done the artwork for your customer and they have approved it, send the art to us and we will send you a proof.  We will send you a proof via post or email so that you can see what your cards will look like. You will get the opportunity to approve them before we print.