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1:  Sending Artwork
     a - We are PC
     b - Prefered formats are high resolution PDF and EPS.
     c - Programs we are currently using are Corel Draw X5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5
          Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe Acrobat 9.0, Publisher 2003.
     d - Designs can be supplied on C.D, or can be directly e-mailed to us at:
 please keep file size under 4MB.
Please note: if you are going to email your artwork, we request that you save your file with a
name that is relevant to your job, please do not call it magnet, or mag or fridgemagnet. You will also need to convert your fonts to curves or outlines. If you don't know how to do this please ask and we can help you. We ask for this so that the writing doesn't change when we open your file on our computer.

2:  What Next
     a - We send you a proof, please check this thoroughly. You should check colours, numbers, spelling, pictures and layout. You will see things that are wrong, while we may not.
     b - To proceed from this point we will require the proof to be signed and returned to us. What you sign off on, is what we will print.


What does "Double/Single Cut" mean, and why do I need to know?

The term "Single or Double Cut"  is about the way we cut your magnets. Single cut images can be layed up on a sheet side by side because they have exactly the same colour on all 4 edges. Double cut means that where the magnets touch the image is different. These need to have a bleed area between each magnet. You don't need to understand this, we can look at your design and help you if you prefer.

What does "Bleed" mean?

The term "bleed" means the image "hangs over the actual size of the magnets so that when we cut the magnet it has your image right to the edge. We need a 2mm bleed on all 4 edges. This terms is used for both single cut and double cut magnets.

Is there a difference between a "posted" proof and an "emailed" proof ?

Yes and No. The image is exactly the same but every computer screen will show it to you with a slightly different colour. In the same way that screens can look different, each printer is different. Even 2 identical printers can produce a different colour from the same file. The only way to ensure that you get an exact match is to print your proof from the same printer that is going to print the final magnet. We usually prefer to post you a proof to make sure your colours are correct, but if time is an issue we can emailed a proof to you.